Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Fortnite streams are currently on hold (StW servers down)

I was intending on doing a Fortnite stream today before I lose out on one of my dailies (already at the max of 3), however when I attempted to access the game after patching, I ran into this:

This only leaves Battle Royale, which I don't play, so Fortnite streams are currently on hold on my channel until resolved. I'm currently monitoring the server status at https://status.epicgames.com, once the Save the World servers are back up, I'll be starting a new Fortnite (Save the World) stream ASAP.

If the Save the World servers are not back up by today's daily reset, I will start streaming other games until the servers are known to be back up.

UPDATE:  Servers appear to be back up, however I got gypped on a daily quest due to not being able to get into the game for over 4.5 hours (I should have been able to complete at least one in that time), so this blog entry is going to stay here, rather than my original intentions in deleting it were I able to complete one so I didn't lose out (the servers came back up literally directly after the daily refresh)...

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