Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Fortnite v6.10 immediate crash, no Fortnite streams until fixed

The last Fortnite patch (v6.10) has officially broken the game & I am unable to even get it to load, always yielding the same error:

Being able to play Fortnite (much less stream it) is going to be impossible until Epic Games has fixed this crash, I will find something else to play/stream while I am waiting for a fix.  A thread has been created on the Fortnite forums at https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/forums/bug-reports/save-the-world-aa/767141-immediate-crash-after-clicking-on-launch-in-launcher.

Video of crash

UPDATE:  I troubleshooted this problem for 3 days & couldn't come up with a fix, right now I'm just suggesting that people running into this problem leave a comment on the video I have put on YouTube, in the thread created about the crashes & continue reporting the crashes to Microsoft by using the Check online for a solution and close the program option until fixed; sooner or later Microsoft is going to get involved in the matter & attempt to get Epic Games to take some initiative in fixing their crap...

UPDATE:  On 10/18/20118, I decided to submit FortniteLauncher.exe to Norton for analysis.  Of course they found nothing malicious in it (of course I was starting to have doubts about that when I submitted it), but they are aware that it is unstable & anybody with Norton may eventually start getting notifications of it's unstable nature after this has continued for some time...

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

ISP outage, replacing cables

My ISP has notified me that they are going to be replacing the fiber optic cables in my neighborhood on the 11th (interestingly enough, this comes around the same time the water pipes are being replaced), so the 11th has a high chance of seeing no stream (at least not until I know they are done working on it), in additional to me being offline & without a phone...  On the flip side, this means there should be a stream on the 10th, I will want to get everything done that I need to before they start messing with the lines on the 11th, so expect a stream (I would suspect at least a few hours) on the 10th.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Mass-assault at large

The organized attacks from iBreezyy's channel has hit a new high (as my IRC logs are catching fairly quickly, even when I don't have a stream running) & I've decided I need to get the police involved again.  I've already filed a few reports against his channel to Twitch over the last few days (which did result in a temp ban for maybe 8-12 hours), but these reports only go so far (if anywhere at all).  With the amount of fodder (meaning Twitch users that are allowing iBreezyy to manipulate them into doing his dirty work for him) he has thrown at me in only the last 22 hours, it's become obvious this isn't something I can attempt to ignore & go on with my life while it's still happening, I need to give the police the additional information I managed to find online so they can speak with him about this vendetta of his face to face & what's going to happen if he chooses to continue pursuing it.

Attempting to put a stop to this may limit my ability to stream in worst case scenarios (if you see a ban on my channel, you will know he's succeeded, but I don't expect a bunch of false reports is going to get him anywhere, it hasn't in the past, regardless of how many pawns he's managed to get in on it), however the most likely outcome is I'll have to turn follower-only chat back on with an excessive minimum for new users to be able to speak (I don't want to make people feel obligated to have to follow to speak, but if this is what I have to do to mitigate these extended attacks that have been happening for 7.5 months already, I will do it; the channel had a 24-hour minimum for 2.5 months after the follow-up attack on 3/19/2018).

I am going to request that people do not file reports against him on my behalf, I am fully capable of fighting my own battles, I can deal with this myself (it wouldn't be the first time I've dealt with somebody like this, it won't be the last).  I will however request that if he or one of his goons does happen to approach you directly & slander my character, that you do report him through his channel (or through the channel of anybody who contacted you to do it), this is one area where you can help in putting a stop to this (it will be helpful if you have a screenshot to provide in the report, Google Drive is a decent means to share just about anything you would want to share giving you 15 GBs for free, provided it don't break copyright laws).

The full details regarding this matter (starting with the original griefing situation in Fortnite on 2/19/2018) can be found at http://www.wondergamer.net/Twitch/abuse/ibreezyy.htm

If you run into a ban message on WonderGamer.net, you could be in a wildcard IP range that has been banned for multiple hacking attempts from multiple IP addresses in that range; this can be adjusted once I've determined you aren't using an IP address that a hacking attempt has been attempted from, but adjustments may not work too well with dynamic IP addresses (you can check what type of IP address you have here).

UPDATE:  Currently I am attempting to compile an IRC evidence index before I file another report with the police, this is going to take some time to compile with nearly-daily logs starting around the time of the follow-up attack on 3/19/2018.  Getting this log completed is a priority, so streams will be limited until it's completed & I have been able to file the follow-up police report against iBreezyy.  This index will show every time anybody associated with iBreezyy entered my channel according to my IRC logs.  There may still be streams in between, this will give me a chance to test whether there are going to be disconnects to further prove possibility of DDoS attacks, however most of my time will be getting put into compiling this index until it is completed, I need to get the police report filed as quickly as possible, I've already notified Twitch that they may be subpoenaed for information on other individuals that have been taking part in these attacks on iBreezyy's behalf.