Muted videos

A number of Past Broadcasts are going to get muted at various points in the game due to media auto-detection by Twitch algorithms, which many times are misdetections, as has been proven by experience in Dragon Ball XenoVerse. I attempted to file appeals on those without any luck & decided appeals on Twitch are a lost cause, so they won't be done on Past Broadcasts anymore, only on Highlights & I'll be doing my own recording for upload to YouTube to avoid having to do Highlights on Twitch for exportation. Muted videos were getting listed here until I realized the list was going to get EXTREMELY large EXTREMELY fast (particularly in certain games), so I've removed the list from this channel, but it can still be accessed on the article written regarding this matter by clicking on the image at the top of this section.

Videos of games with mutes in them will have backups of those videos (which were recorded to my hard drive during the broadcast) uploaded to an external site & linked over in the muted video so that the unmuted version(s) will still be available. Those videos will be deleted when the video expires on Twitch (estimated at 2 weeks after the stream ends). Furthermore any muted videos (where the reason for a mute was not caused by imported music) will be listed on the shared review (between Twitch & YouTube) I have regarding this matter located here.

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