Friday, April 27, 2018

Unable to access my OWN videos

I ran into an interesting situation today when attempting to access my Video Manager, which gave me the following error:

I'm expecting this to be a bug, I've also notice Twitch can take at least 30 seconds (up to a minute) to load a channels information & properly log you into your account through the right-hand navigation bar (the Channel, Video Producer & Dashboard options being grayed out until properly logged in).  If I attempt refresh the page while on the Video Manager page, I'll get the "Failed to fetch videos" error:

I'm half-expecting this could be the attacks from iBreezy taking effect, however it could just be another bug with the site (wouldn't be the first time I've run into these types of issues before.  Even after logging out & back in, I still got the same issue, so it's not a cookie/session issue...  In the mean time any highlights will be uploaded to YouTube to take the place of the broken function on Twitch.

NOTE:  Click screenshots for full-sized images

UPDATE:  The other thing I'm noticing is that that my avatar is not loading on the top navigation bar, as well as Videos, Followers & Following list are all showing 0:

Every link that should be going to a page on Twitch (Videos, Clips, Collections, Events, Followers, Following, etc.) are giving what appears to be giving the blank bookmark link of

UPDATE:  Looking at other channels, this appears to be an issue with ALL channels, not just my own (even tested through my testing account), so I'm pretty certain I'm not the only person running into it, it should (hopefully) be fixed soon...

UPDATE:  Looks like the way to fix this issue is to log out, then log back in, you will have to restart your browser to start a new session to have the new cookies take effect (anywhere after logging out).  I got this resolved yesterday before I did my stream, however left this here in the mean time as I didn't know if it was going to show itself again, turned out my laptop was having the same issue.  I noticed some layout differences after I managed to get the site working again (such as the location of the gear on feed posts), it appears Twitch made some changes to the site & it required a new login cookie, followed by a new browser session to fix it.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Video of broken PS3 app (still broken after 2 months)

I've been talking about how the PlayStation 3 Twitch app has been broken for some time, I decided it was time to get a video recorded to show the actual problem & why it's currently (nearly) unusable.  While I did receive an email a while ago about the PS4 app being updated, this really means little to me seeing as I don't own this system (the newest PlayStation system I own being a PS3), so it seems Twitch may have simply decided to phase out the PS3 version of this app (or possibly this is a marketing ploy to help Sony sell newer systems).  In any case, the matter you will see in this video shows why I haven't been watching people much while eating (about the only time I did watch it on PS3) & I lowered my rating on the app from 3 stars to 1.  This is something I would like to see fixed, but my attempts to point this out to Twitch have all been in vain; maybe a video showing the current problems will somehow get to them (not going to hold my breath on that) & with any luck, we'll see a new version being pushed on PS3 to fix this problem in the future...

Details on what's broken (almost everything) is in the description

Personal Discord server

As of 4/21/2018, I now have my own personal Discord server, which I decided was needed as I needed to be able to ban individuals that are causing problems (expected & proven by the countless attacks by iBreezyy & gang over the last couple months) & should be inviting others to my streaming buddies channel (where I don't even have moderation privileges to take care of the problem if it gets that far).  Access to my server will only be available on request & sent via whisper, so if you have whispers restricted (as I do, due to attacks on my channel over the last several years), you will either need to be following the channel or be on my Twitch friends list to be able to receive the whisper.  Invites will not be given out to just anybody, only to those who have proven themselves decent enough in chat that I am willing to game with them (used mainly for gameplay chat, not General chat), private channels may be created in the future if this becomes a problem during streams.

iBreezyy organized attacks continue

Attacks/stalking continues to be a problem with Twitch user iBreezyy & gang, as can be seen from the IRC logs regarding this matter, as well as the follows from several individuals that are contributing to his channel.  Currently the following accounts are known to be a part of these attacks:
  • DeedsGames
  • hunterwj1
  • iBreezyy
  • JustAMexicanyt
  • nightmareeCS
  • thybreeze
  • whysosaltyxxx
  • Xxwheelz01xx

At this point I have had to take matters to the extreme & start banning ANYBODY who has contributed to his channel through ANY form of donation (using the donation lists on his channel) ANY time I see ANY individual that is currently known to be in on these attacks organized through his channel & friend lists.  Once they stop coming to my channel to cause problems, I will be able to stop banning people from his donations & subscribers lists, but ANY time I see an individual from that list enter my channel (regardless of whether I'm streaming or not, then last time it happened on 4/21/2018 was actually while I was cooking & not streaming), additional bans will be placed using his donation lists.

For those who would like to claim these are false-bans, I'm okay with that & I'm not entirely going to argue with it (however there may still be some truth behind the ban, especially with certain individuals that have been seen following the channel; I started keeping archives of all follower emails about a month ago, a few have been confirmed to be following, subscribing or even donating iBreezyy's channel, these are kept is a special folder called Twitch troll follows).  I might be willing to unban individuals who got banned simply due to being a contributor to his channel in the future (provided they haven't actually followed mine, as that's a red flag that shows they are likely in on the attacks; iBreezyy's channel is for the most part a PvP channel, mine is primarily a PvE channel when it comes to Fortnite), however there's NO chance in that happening while I still have these troll accounts following my channel & them showing up in my channel on a regular basis (expected to be so they can continue reporting the channel for false reasons at ease every time I start a stream, as was proven from a Past Broadcast from his own channel).

UPDATE:   After digging into this for a while longer, I found that both iBreezyy & nightmareeCS are EXCEEDINGLY AGRESSIVE Counter-Strike: Global Offensive hackers, finding multiple accounts with VAC bans for both of them (including one for DeedsGames) & this eventually lead to the currently active stream page for nightmareeCS on Twitch (Milesp1).  All details regarding the new information has been published to the existing article regarding iBreezyy & gang at; this newly acquired information will be getting supplied to Twitch, Steam (against the accounts that don't currently have VAC bans on them) & Epic Games through various reports if these lowlifes don't start to back off from my channel soon.