Subscriptions can be done through Patreon & are recurring, you will need to cancel your subscription to when you choose to end it.

Subscription price is chosen by the subscriber, however $5 or more per month will gain you access to Free Games updates (via Patreon) & give you 1 point per ¢ towards the StreamElements store each month you keep subscription going (awarded after the charge has gone through), provided you have given your Twitch username when you started your subscription.

Note that those who have been banned from this channel will not be eligible to receive points to be used on the store, try saying something in chat first to see if you have been banned before attempting to subscribe.

VIP Subscribers

  • $100 p/m ($800 over 8 months) by  
  • If a value does not have a name next to it, it's because the subscriber has requested to remain anonymous
  • Amounts here are the full amount paid by the subscriber, does not reflect fees taken by Patreon

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