Friday, June 22, 2018

June 22, 2018 DDoS attack

Once again this channel has become the victim of DDoS attacks by iBreezyy, I decided seeing as this is apparently going to be a regular situation, I wouldn't be ending the stream when getting hit with them anymore, I would let them continue to gather statistics from the attacks & allow a build of videos to be uploaded to YouTube every time they affected the stream (they may kill the streams or making them unviewable, but the severity is not enough to disconnect me from online games, only cause some lag), every stream & video ends up being used as evidence regarding the attacks & linked to the regularly updated article regarding the attacks started back in February when I first had the misfortune of getting griefed by this individual in Fortnite (it's continued since then after the video of that griefing was published online).  There was at least 13 disconnects from Twitch servers during this attack (I can't say for certain because I lost track, could have been over 15).

I contacted my ISP tonight while the stream was still running, attempting to trace the source of the attacks so an internet crimes report could be filed against him, through subpoena against Twitch if necessary (this seems to be the only time that Twitch actually listens to reports I file against users, when they realize I have gotten the law involved).  I was disconnected from the representative several times during the call, due to the fact that it's a VOIP phone line, so the DDoS attacks on the modem was also disconnecting the phone.  I pointed out the drops in connection only happen when I'm doing a Twitch stream, which gives good motive of being iBreezyy doing it to interrupt my streams, a legal adviser I spoke to about this agreed with me, but stated I still needed more evidence to have a subpoena issued for his arrest, this is why I left the stream going when I contacted my ISP, so they could get the IP address of where the attacks were coming from.  After rebooting my modem & having to call back to get a second representative (the first one stopped attempting to call back after all the disconnects), they stated they are sending a technician in the morning, this may result in a new modem, meaning a new IP address well.  He also stated there would be about a $30 credit issued towards my bill due to the connection problems.

The next call I make will be to my local police, along with a complaint to, where the next complaint to Twitch will include a case number, officer's name & district of police, as it did back when I was getting death threats from PSN user EPICMINECRAFT25 (he disappeared between a week or 2 after that, a subpoena was issued for his personal information after that report was filed; I can't say for certain where it went, I suggested the subpoena be filed against PSN, it may have been filed against Twitch due to the fact this is where the death threats were being made).  Once the law is involved, iBreezyy will be guaranteed to have his Twitch acocunt perma-banned, however he should be more concerned about jail time when it gets to that point; he many be laughing at the idea that he could spend time in jail for it, but I know it to be a fact, a 16 year old was sentenced to 2 years after doing the same thing.

It was determined that due to the fact I had the wrong audio device selected when I started this stream (resulting in no game audio in the stream or recorded videos), I would not be uploading the videos showing results of what happened during the DDoS attack, this will be different when the streams are properly getting audio however.

As has been stated before, full details on the vendetta from iBreezyy can be found here.

UPDATE:  Xfinity Technician came by, determined there was no problem with the lines, showing him the video stuttering in the Past Broadcasts on Twitch (the 5 orphaned videos after the first disconnect) was enough to warrant getting a new modem without question (probably would have had issues proving that otherwise, as the connection was good this many hours after the DDoS attack, it wouldn't be bad until I attempted to stream again).  He gave me his supervisors number in case I have further issues with this problem even after the modem replacement, he thinks it could be a matter on the neighborhood node or the main hub if not the modem; I'm pretty certain it's just iBreezyy getting somebody to DDoS the modem because he's pestered a hornets nest (harassed my channel for over 4 months in retaliation to the video of him griefing on 2/19/2018) & he don't like the results of his actions, so he's resorting to illegal actions to continue his vendetta with a facade on his own channel & through false reports (by himself & others he has doing it for him) he thinks is going to work in his favor.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Broken PS3 Twitch app (part 2)

Considering contacting Twitch over their Facebook page & through their email support STILL has no effect on the functionality of the PlayStation 3 Twitch app, I've decided it was time to try contacting PlayStation to see if they could do something to have Twitch fix their app, otherwise it needs to be removed from the PSN store if the only thing it does successfully is wastes space on the your PS3...  Of course PlayStation was either late on the reply or doesn't intend on replying (there's still the thread I created on the Support Forums, I'll be either sending them an email or calling them in the next week if no response is given), giving enough time for some trolls to start having their way with the comment regarding the broken app (completely ignoring the second point, being that it should be removed from the PSN store if it's not going to be fixed).  The trolling replies to this post pushed the priority that I get the second video recorded & published (showing that the app no longer is capable of even streaming a channel, even after sitting there loading for over 5 minutes), this video can be found at (as well as embedded below), which has also been added to a playlist that now had 2 videos in it showing how this app is broken.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

June 19, 2018 DDoS attack

Another stream ended early due to yet another DDoS attack, again suspected to committed by iBreezyy or somebody he knows (this second attack happened only hours after pushing an update to the page regarding attacks from him & his crew of internet thugs).  A new video of what could be seen on my side will be added once I'm done processing & uploading it to YouTube from the local recording (exporting from Twitch really isn't an option in this case):

This screenshot shows stats in OBS at the end of the stream, including duration of video (local, although it's how long the stream should have been if not for intentional denial of service attacks), how many & what percentage of dropped frames there were (since the last disconnect, there was 1 total) & the upload bitrate at the end of the stream (which pretty well shows the ability to stream never recovered, just like the ending attack on June 16, 2018):
Click for full-sized image
The frequency of these attacks told me this was going to become a pretty regular issue, so I decided it was time to add every video regarding these DDoS attacks (including others that I'm certain are going to happen in the future) to a playlist, which is being used to embed videos displaying results of DDoS attacks on the page regarding the attacks from this individual.  Additional details (such as OBS statistics at the end of the stream/recording) can be found in the description of each video.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

June 15-16, 2018 DDoS attack

It appears I am currently getting hit by a DDoS attack, expected to be by somebody Twith user iBreezyy has hired to do it, this is going to prevent any decent streams from being done until I can get the latency issue resolved, I will be contacting my ISP to see if they can trace it to the source of the attacks & put a stop to it (even if that means prison time on the individuals causing it).  I still have the local video of that stream, I am attempting to get it ready to be uploaded to YouTube (won't really be able to rely on Twitch video exporting in this case).  In that video one of the individuals in the mission decided to start griefing after I mentioned the attacks on my channel from iBreezyy & gang over the past few months after uploading a video of his griefing, so this video is going to be used for 3 different reasons:
  1. The connection issues that happened due to the DDoS, including latency in Fortnite as it could be seen on my side, this won't really be reliable trying to view it from Twitch, however I will have notes about the latency in the description of that video (including any followup videos that may have started in addition to the starting videos as a result of disconnects & reconnects; there were 3 disconnects total during this stream, I can only account for how many dropped frames there ware since the last reconnect because it resets when OBS reconnects to Twitch's servers, there were literally over 96% by the time I hit the second disconnect).
  2. Pointing out that the likely culprit was instigated by iBreezyy (or somebody he knows).
  3. A new griefing video on the individual that attempted to follow in iBreezyy's footsteps when I pointed this out during the mission; this individual has been blocked on the Epic Games platform (all this really does is mute them in text chat however, "blocking" really doesn't do what it's supposed to do on the Epic Games platform) & has been added to the Blocked tab of the Fortnite progress spreadsheet (linked off of my Twitch channel when I have Fortnite information in the Now Playing panel).

After 3 disconnects, the final statistics (after the third disconnect from Twitch services) can be found in this screenshot:
Click for full-sized image