Twitch Suggestions

  • Facebook post when I start a broadcast with a link to my channel & possibly the name of the game that is being broadcasted.
  • An option to disable messages being posted to Facebook when viewing videos. (I have removed my account because of this & won't be re-adding it until the option above is added) 
  • Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard app that will allow streaming from a specified channel. (only the G19 model is capable of this as it's the only one with a HD color LCD screen)
  • Logitech G-series Gaming Keyboard app that will show when your stream as started/stopped (this is a simplified version of what I was asking above).
  • Logitech G-series Gaming Keyboard app that will show users that are watching.
  • Logitech G-series Gaming Keyboard app that will show chat messages on your channel. 
  • (completed) PSN app for Twitch broadcasting/video playback seeing as Adobe has cut production of the Flash Player for non-standard browsers & it's impossible to update it on those systems...
  • Ability to edit posts on Channel Feed.
  • Allow markdown formatting in Channel Feed posts. 
  • (completed) Hard returns in video descriptions. 
  • (completed) Ability to follow to a channel being hosted through another channel without having to search for that channel in the Google Play app.
  • Voice-to-text conversion in chat in the Google Play app.
  • Bring back Random channel browsing... I wouldn't be following/hosting some of the channels I do now (or used to) if not for that function & pretty well lost interest in viewing channels other than those I am currently following (or friends channels) when I realized the Random option was removed, just closing the Twitch website while eating instead of trying to find a channel to watch (seeing as no followed channels or friends channels were running at the time). In the mean time, people can use this link to load the old interface with Random option (provided Twitch don't break the old channel browser).
  • Getting banned from a channel should remove any existing Follows, Subscriptions or auto-hosts & block the option to do any of the aforementioned between both individuals (unless the ban is removed).
  • Notifications (with optional reason) when banned from a channel.
  • Option to moderate channel follows. This includes both moderation of new follow requests & ability to remove existing follows.
  • Fix PlayStation 3 app; currently it doesn't finish loading when logged into the app (see screenshot in comments on that post), which has lowered my usage of it while eating & has me loading the PS3 YouTube app instead.
  • Fix custom thumbnails. Currently when you attempt to save changes to a video when adding a custom thumbnail, you will ALWAYS receive the Saving custom video image failed. error.
  • Fix notifications on video comments on own channel; currently I received email notifications on videos from channels I moderate, but not on videos on my own channel, so comments on my own videos go unnoticed for some time before I even realize a comment was left... 
  • Fix chat auto-scrolling for Internet Explorer (this is the reason embedded chat is currently disabled in all streams on this channel)...
Last updated 11/17/2018

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