Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Medicaid & bad decisions...

As of 9/11/2018, Medicaid has entirely screwed me over with my disability benefits & I'm not entirely certain I'll be able to recover from it this time (this is the 4th or 5th year in a row now)...  Any gaming (much less streaming) time I may get is going to be extremely limited, I'm going to have to focus on trying to get this resolved (if I can, although this is looking doubtful).  It is possible I may even disappear for a while, if not entirely (might see me in the obituaries if it goes as far as I think it's going to).  I will give an update when I can, I'm praying it can be corrected & not be a continuing matter every single year Medicaid decides to do a review, but I have little hope in seeing a positive outcome at this point.

I was intending on doing a birthday stream on the 14th & a pizza party on the 15th with bonus Papa points I had accumulated over the last month, I don't think I'm going to be mentally stable enough with this death sentence Medicaid has hit me with & I know for certain I can't afford a $490 per month spendown (the increase in monthly income after Social Security corrected the matter isn't even $400) to continue receiving medical insurance, so my hopes of getting a positive outcome is currently slim to none, I can't even predict where this is going currently...

UPDATE:  A decision has been made on how to tackle this matter, but it's still in the air as to what's going to happen & what still needs to be done if I'm going to have any medical coverage at all (as well as how Medicaid is going to retaliate when they realize their spendown is not going to be paid).  We're still working out the details to attempt to get things finalized before next month when I will no longer have Medicaid coverage, full details regarding our decision in response to Medicaid's decision can be found at http://www.wondergamer.net/disability/00010.htm.

UPDATE:  As was to be expected, Medicaid is still under the impression that I'm living with somebody & not paying my full expenses, the result is that they keep cutting my programs & expecting me to pay spendowns/premiums to continue receiving medical insurance (doesn't seem to matter that this was corrected 2 or 3 years in a row before the last screwup of this belief, which has been an ongoing issue since December of 2016).

As was already expected, this matter is going to continue sapping my time I could be doing stuff I want or allowing me time to focus myself & de-stress from the constant bullshit they keep throwing in my file, it's not like I really need to even mention that it's going to continue accruing debt that I'll have to pay back when I'm able to & not be able to afford what I need to even continue living...

Full details regarding this most recent update can be found at http://www.wondergamer.net/disability/00011.htm.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Let's discuss self-promotion

Self-promotion is a means where a user joins a channel & attempts to get them to come to their own through advertisements, sometimes using bonuses for new visitors or followers (sometimes bogus, sometimes real).  While this may be a real problem on various sites such as Twitch or YouTube, you have to look at how much can be said before it actually hits the point of self-promotion.

I for one have no problem pointing out certain details about their channels, provided they aren't outright attempting to get my viewers to go to theirs.  To give a few examples, a few channels that I used to go regularly to (regularly enough that I had follows & auto-hosts on them) or even was new to made these accusations, the irony about it was that the auto-hosts (or manual hosts, if I chose to do so) was basically promoting their channels through my own when whatever was said that they felt they had enough detail (however minor that detail may have been) to call me on what they believed to be self-promotion.

To give a few examples:
  • I pointed out that I had some videos of people griefing in games, for use in reports against them or just to get the word out on who they were with video proof of the situation.
  • I made it a point to say I would leave the host on their channel going on my own until I got my own stream up (the irony in this one is they already know they are being hosted & it's in the same sentence where they are already getting promoted on my channel; despite it being in the same sentence, they call you on self-promoting).
  • The channel is getting trolled, the streamer is detailing the rules of their channel & I back up their statements stating the rules on my channel are the same (or at least similar), apparently enough for them to warn you that you're self-promoting where the purpose was backing them up...

I don't know about you, but saying something minimal about your own channel shouldn't be considered as self-promotion & it only makes me wonder how much they run into problems with others self-promoting on their channels to make that much of a hair-trigger conclusion that you're only in their channel for no good (even if it's a channel I've been to many times before).  It's these types of allegations that have had me end a host I had put on their channel prior or remove an auto-host I may have had on them for some time.  Streamers may be able to run their channels as they see fit, but is it worth the negative publicity & loss of potential income if they make the wrong decision?  This is something streamers need to ask themselves before they allow a hair-trigger shotgun misfire on actual viewers that made no mistake other than attempting to speak in chat on those channels to begin with.

My channel bans owners (and sometimes moderators) of those channels when they decide to make such faulty decisions (sometimes with an article being written to my personal site), sometimes including followers of those channels if they are coming to my channel to harass me while I'm streaming (these are extreme situations, I've done this with 2 streamers & their followers coming to my channel in the past); while that might not mean much to larger channels, those that don't have the option to receive donations over Twitch itself (or have a decent income to purchase new games themselves), it does cut them out from being able to accumulate points that can be used to purchase new games with those points (not having to spend actual money or getting them a discount if they want to cover the rest of the points in tips), so those who actually see this (particularly those with smaller channels; I'm sure larger channels don't need this benefit with the income they may be gaining from Twitch simply for streaming, so it won't matter if they get banned or not) need to consider the consequences of their hair-trigger actions, start thinking it out & looking at the full picture.