Thursday, February 8, 2018

Fortnite dailies broken, taking a break from Fortnite until fixed

It appears that my ability to gain Twitch dailies in Fortnite (as well as completing standard dailies) is currently blocked, I don't intend on going back to Fortnite until I can see it's working again.  There is both a support ticket & thread with Epic Games running on this matter; should the issue ever get fixed, I may go back to the game, but without the ability to even complete standard dailies, I have lost interest in playing the game & will be spending time elsewhere.  Furthermore, until this matter is resolved, I won't be making any more purchases that would put my money in Epic Games' pocket; consider this a temporary boycott (this may become permanent later if the situation never gets resolved or I find I can no longer access my account).

This notification is for those who followed for the purpose of gaining Twitch dailies on my completion (which won't be possible if I'm not even getting them), ironically gaining 3 more before I realized I had already had my Twitch dailies blocked...  I'm not going to beat around the bush, I'm going to give it to you straight; if you were only following for the Twitch dailies in Fortnite, don't feel obligated to continue following if I can't fill that requirement to keep you interested as a follower, there's nothing I can really do about it until Epic Games sorts out what is blocking my ability to get those Twitch dailies & why I can't progress on the standard dailies (proof of this can be found at, which is being used in the report of the issue to Epic Games).

UPDATE:  As was to be expected, Epic Games deleted the thread regarding broken Twitch Dailies (as they have done with pretty well every single thread I've created on their forums), however with my experience of them doing this, I knew it was going to happen & kept backups so the thread could be republished should what I expect was going to happen happened.  Below are screenshots (taken through my Samsung Galaxy S6) of every single response that was left in that thread (minus clickable links seeing as these are screenshots, not PDFs):

NOTE:  These images are linked off my personal site due to blogspot resizing the images to an unreadable size when being uploaded, you may not be able to view these images if you are in a Hacker IP ban range.

Last updated 4/12/2018