I don't always have the chat window visible, so responses may be delayed...
Bans will be put in place for the following reasons in my chat channel:
  • Filter Dodging
  • Harassment
  • Spamming
  • Trolling
  • Racism
  • Discrimination of ANY kind
  • Advertising
  • Promoting of other channels
NOTE: Filters are not your standard filters, but rather filters I have defined. If you find a word has been filtered, don't try to get around it.
Fortnite specific rules:
  • No asking for guest codes (these have been disabled by Epic Games anyways)
  • No Fortnite trading
  • No asking for handouts or crafting of weapons (I'll give weapons to those I am in matches with, I won't add people for this purpose)
  • No taxis


Global Commands:
  • !accountage
  • !blog / !feed
  • !commands
  • !followage
  • !points
  • !store
  • !subscribe
  • !tip
  • !uptime
  • !watchtime
Fortnite commands:
  • !fortnite
  • !fortniteage
  • !fortniteh / !heroes
  • !fortnites / !guns / !traps / !weapons
NOTICE:  Normally there would be embedded chat in the stream, but due to chat currently being broken in Internet Explorer, this function will need to remain disabled until fixed (currently auto-scrolling is broken, which will eventually scroll the controls at the bottom of the pane/window off the edge of the screen), IRC logs from chat can still be provided in the description of Past Broadcasts until chat is fixed in IE however.

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