Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Taking break from Fortnite due to technical issues (AFK auto-kick malfunction)

At first I thought AFK kicking in Fortnite was a good idea, however I found out today that it's not all that it's cracked up to be, especially when it ends up kicking somebody who was not AFK the entire mission that they got booted from.  In this mission, you are going to see that I was active the entire time, however after I started putting some traps on the defenses, the AFK prompted popped up stating that I was AFK.  This was my first time seeing it & I wasn't certain what I needed to do to get it to disappear, especially seeing as I wasn't AFKing to begin with, but as you can see at the end of the video, I got AFK booted regardless of the fact I was active the entire time & I was none to happy without being ripped off from completing my dailies a second time (the first time this mission was failed), didn't get any rewards at all & wasted the traps I put into the defenses.  Originally I was going to call it quits after I got my dailies completed, but because I got fucked over on this mission, I decided I was going to call it quits after I took a second attempt at helping a viewer complete his Twine SSD10 & not even bother with completing the daily.

Twitch version
Higher quality with Twitch chat to the side

YouTube version
Lower quaility with moderated commenting allowed

Because of what you see here, I've decided to call it quits with Fortnite until the new events start, I'll just be soloing missions until then & streaming of Fortnite on my channel (opting to stream other games) will be dead until there's actually something I need help with to complete.

With the upcoming surgery, it was already determined that I may not be streaming Fortnite at all during the recovery period (expected to be at least a month, however console games might be possible), this particular incident is likely going to increase that period of time that was already anticipated, seeing as technical issues like this is one of the things that really puts the nail in the coffin of where this game is going...

UPDATE:  I decided to contact Epic Games about this the following day with the following statement through their Feedback function in the game:
On 2/12/2020, I got idle-kicked when I was not idle & the video located at proves this, I had a number of viewers during this stream that I had gained from a raid from sakis2011's channel (one of the 3 channels that helped me get affiliate as being a Fortnite streamer on Twitch with their raids).  Obviously I was not amused with not only getting ripped off on my traps, but I also got negated reward from the mission & completion of my final daily.  I ended the stream early because of this (only running one final mission for a viewer that requested help on his SSD), then called it quits & got this video highlighted from the stream.  I have informed my viewers that I will be taking a break from Fortnite for a while, perhaps only soloing missions until the next seasonal StW events & not while streaming) in a blog post that can be located at , perhaps the only thing that is going to even make me considering stream Fortnite again (Save the World, I don't mess with Battle Royale) is if I get compensated for the losses I incurred during this mission (which I doubt will happen, so what it comes down to it you've probably lost your publicity you're getting from my channel on this game as a result of this malfunction of what was meant to deal with individuals that I run into daily).  My Twitch channel will currently trigger showing this video in chat if the !break command is used, I'm going to start streaming other games regularly rather than Fortnite because this malfunction has all but destroyed my interest in the game unless compensated for my losses (the missions rewards, the loss of V-Bucks were the daily completed & the traps put into the defense before I got booted) as a result of what you see at the end of this video.  The time on the right shows the exact time in Mountain Time, matchmaking done through US West servers.
Obviously I don't expect to get anything positive out of this, but I've made it clear that my interest in Fortnite has been all but destroyed as a result of this malfunction in their game & while not specifically stated in the feedback left over the game, I am going to be limiting any activity in the game from this point forward, streaming of StW pretty well being negated from my channel at least until the new seasonal events start & any streaming will only be done if the power levels are high enough that I don't feel I can solo them.  Of course I will still be recording them if I'm playing multiplayer at all, so videos could still show up on my YouTube channel (nothing positive, most videos I have published are of people that deserve to get kicked by this function, unlike what happened to me during this video), but no more streaming of Fortnite until I see something done to compensate for this malfunction & that likely means I will be avoiding any other games that would require a purchase of an Epic Games title in the future also (haven't decided whether I'm going to include games that use the Unreal Engine yet, but if they decide to ban my account or go after my channels rather than compensate for the game's error, a full public boycott including games that use their engine is definite, as would be the same result with another big name gaming/toy company that went after my YouTube channel).

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Follower-only chat enabled

Due to harassment in the follow-up stream yesterday, chat is once again set to follower-only mode.  Because this happened over 2 accounts, the minimum you'll need to be following is 10 minutes in the next stream, then dropped down to just a flat follower restriction in the stream after that (provided there isn't any more harassment during this period).  Note that there was one other account that was created (literally only minutes old) & followed just before I ended the stream, which appears to have been created to continue the harassment through ban-evasion of the original individual that started this, this account didn't get the chance to follow-through with it however because I increased the follow minimum from 0 minutes to 10 before he got a chance to continue through that account; had he gotten the chance to continue through the 3rd account, the minimum would have been 30 minutes in the next stream & taken an additional day of streaming before this restriction gets fully disabled (again, that's dependent on whether there is further harassment beyond what has already happened).

Twitch version
(better quality)

YouTube version

Click for description

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Subscriber-Only Highlights in effect

Decided it was time to start setting videos to subscriber-only on my channel, as it was clear Twitch was not going to make descriptions or titles public on highlights again.  My original plan was to set EVERYTHING on the channel to subscriber-only, but I decided that Past Broadcasts don't need descriptions, so instead, I set every Highlight to subscriber-only individually.  There are a few exceptions to what I just stated:
  • Past Broadcasts where personal (sensitive) information was discussed will still be getting marked as Subscriber-Only, normally a Highlight will also be made off of that personal information & only accessible by subscribers.
  • Any video where Twitch chat was a large point of the video will be left as public, typically these will be linked to from the detailed descriptions on Google Drive (which started serving as the primary means for descriptions when Twitch started hiding them back in September of 2019) & the YouTube and Steam versions of those videos.
  • Any video that is being used in a review on my personal site (usually meaning it's embedded on the page) & does not have a YouTube version for that specific video will remain public.  Videos that are embedded in pages on external sites typically do not need descriptions to be displayed on the video page itself because the video can be viewed from that site rather than having to come to Twitch directly, so the reason for the video on Twitch is only confusing to those that are viewing it on Twitch, it still serves it's purpose on external sites where the video is embedded with a visible description of why the video is there & what's in the video (something I was considering doing previously for every video on my Twitch channel, but decided it would take too much time to set up, so I ended up abandoning that plan after roughly 10 videos).
I have yet to do a subscriber-only stream, however it's intended that PvP streams (ones that could be stream-sniped & manipulated by opponents in the same match to their advantage) will be dedicated as being subscriber-only.  I believe VIPs also have access to subscriber-only streams; gaining a VIP status on my channel can be done in a number of ways:
  • I know them personally outside of Twitch, usually in person.
  • If a supporting streamer has helped me reach a particular milestone on Twitch
  • If a streamer has me marked as a moderator on their channels
  • If a viewer has subbed or cheered at least 100 bits in one cheer on my channel
  • If a streamer has me marked as a VIP on their channel
People who have VIP status on my channel will start falling off of this list as I run out of VIP slots to put people in, based mostly on how much has been contributed to the channel in subs & cheers).

Despite nearly every highlight on my Twitch channel now being Subscriber-Only, almost everything that is on Twitch is also on my YouTube channel (and then some).  It is advised that due to the poor tagging system & lack of descriptions & titles that now appears to be standard on Twitch that users should stick to searching for videos on YouTube where there is still a proper means to find videos you may be looking for.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Epic Games account locked, Fortnite & Dauntless streams on hold

Attempted to log into the Epic Games launcher today, got this error when I had to log back in (which was unsuccessful; normally I stay logged in, but occasionally I am forced to log back in). My expectation is somebody who knows the registered email address was attempting to brute-force my password, either with a password generator or got stopped short because they hit the 2-step authentication step & repeatedly attempted to log into the account despite the additional authentication step, retaliation was to get the account locked so it couldn't be used by anybody. Whatever happened, the account is locked, I currently can't get into it, any streaming to Twitch will have to be of a game on another platform until I can get back in...

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Follower-only chat enabled due to harassment

Follower-only chat is once again enabled due to harassment...  This harassment ended up coming from an individual that was orignally banned for the same type of harassment, that individual has now been banned over 3 different accounts on Twitch & blocked on Epic Games (the last 2 bans happened as a result of attempting to have me add him again when they were already on my block list; considering I keep track of name changes on blocked people on Epic Games, I already knew both why he was blocked & why he was banned & only became aware of the ban-evasion after the last stream).

Full account history & details can be found at

A report was filled to Twitch about the harassment & ban-evasion, but as expected, they chose to fully ignore the reports filed against these 2 new account, which is why I made it a point to make the report public in the detailed description on Google Docs, which I am also going to duplicate that report here (I may eventually just publish a new pages regarding this individual to my personal site:
Individual has been banned from my channel in the past for harassment after I stated I was not going to build their StormShield for them & leaving the StormShield until he had it ready to go (originally helping him with a defense earlier), this was back on 7/13/2019. The individual has been following my channel under a secondary account for a while, but didn't realize the account of mrcrazy89 was him until he attempted to get me to add him to my Epic Games friend list tonight while helping another viewer with an endurance defense. When I realized this, I stated that I would not play with that individual, which immediately resulted in retaliation from the individual (over the second account). Directly after banning this secondary account, he came back on the third account of mrbann7637, leading to 2 bans of (out of 3) in less that 2 minutes. Video & chat log evidence have been published online, the offline description for these videos (this became standard when Twitch started hiding descriptions & titles) with full details & profile/video links can be found at
Follower-only chat will remain enabled for (at least) the next 2 streams & be downgraded from a 10-minute minimum in the next stream, to just needing to following in the stream after than, then eventually removed again (this is provided the harassment doesn't continue even with the mode enabled, in which case the minimum will be increased & the time it is fully removed will be prolonged over even more streams).

It would be advised that while follower-only chat is enabled to help mitigate this harassment, that supporting streamers do not raid my channel, as users from their raids will find that they will not be able to chat unless they are already followers (normally I don't allow spamming, but emote-spamming is pretty common when it comes to raids, so it's one of the exceptions I make to the "No Spamming" rule on my channel).

Friday, November 8, 2019

Sub emotes due for a change

Due to lack of interest in the channel (the last subscription being on 9/7/2019), I've decided to start switching around the sub emotes on my channel to something more relevant to recent streams. Currently I only have 3 emotes (1 for each tier), one is expected to be for Fortnite, the other for Dauntless (I haven't decided on the third one yet; I was considering KickBeat, but with the constant audio vandalism on Past Broadcasts due to music in the game's soundtrack, it's more likely it will be from XCOM 2, even through that's been being streamed more on Steam than Twitch). A change on the emotes will be considered any time there is a month with no subs, this can be considered as a standard from this point forward.

Have an emote you would like to see, feel free to voice your opinion either here or on the channel, I will consider other emotes any time I don't have subs & as long as it's from a game a play.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Health update, surgery may be needed, streams will be spotty at best

After looking into the blood loss issue further, it appears that another surgery may be needed (hopefully with better results than the one back around mid-2018).  I'll have to start with some doctor appointments & work up from there, but I at least know where it's going (this will mean more downtime after the surgery).

Regarding the back problem, I'm still having problems with my left shoulder, but may attempt to do a stream here & there when the pain isn't too bad (trying to avoid oral pain killers because it's believed that they are thinning my blood & causing more severe bleeding issues; I have cream for this, but it's difficult to apply it on my back on my own), they just might be short streams until I can get the pain to subside completely (the pain on my right shoulder disappeared after a couple days, so the pain on the left should eventually disappear also, but it's been nearly a week & it's still almost as bad as when it started).  Console system games (or PC games with a gamepad) may be more appropriate until the pain has subsided on my left shoulder, I might consider doing some streams on them until the worst of this issue is over.

Patreon got back to me on 10/21/2019 & confirmed that while my personal content may not be adult-oriented, certain terms in certain posts were the expected reason for this creator page getting flagged as such. They gave me the option of deleting those posts & re-appealing to have the page reverted.

Unfortunately the terms they pointed out were a part of the names of those games (in a number of the Free Game updates) & I don't feel like leaving patrons in the dark on those giveaways.  Another option would be to move them to another site & restricted by account login (should be simple enough through Blogger, but would require the patron to contact me with a valid Google account to give them access).

For the time being, I've decided I'm going to leave the page in the inaccurate classification until those giveaways have expired, then I'll consider appealing again after the adult-content posts have been cleared.  I will allow patrons to voice their opinions on this (contact me privately if you wish to remain anonymous, as some have already voiced that concern before becoming a patron).

One other thing of note is that it appears they are going to take into consideration my suggestion of allowing singular age-restricted posts on creator pages that are not age-restricted; if this happens, this will mean less time that this page gets stuck in an inaccurate classification due to giveaways with terms in the game names that are going to trigger what happened on the 19th (and still remains).