Sunday, November 18, 2018

Channel points & rewards

I have been offering rewards on my channel for probably a couple months now, including a number of games available in exchange for points in the Stream Elements store.  It's come up a few times where viewers were asking how they could gain points & I decided I needed to write an article on it so people could have easy access on how to gain points, including what bonuses are available when certain conditions are met.  First I'll go over how I'm determining how many points are required to get something from the store.

Store prices are comparable with the prices of those games at approximately 1 point per American cent if you were to purchase it at full price from an online store (it is possible these could be adjusted in the future if the price drops or raises).  Items can only be purchased from the store while a stream is running, this is to prevent abuse of bonuses that auto-award points (more on this later).  Note that some activation keys are pretty old however, it is possible they may have expired; let me know if you have a problem with this when you attempt to activate a key, I will refund the points if necessary (of course I will be testing the key on a new account before I issue any refunds to make sure it's actually expired & hasn't actually been used).

As for how to gain points:
  • Viewing:  2 points per 10 minutes
    • Points are gained at a rate of 2 points per 10 minutes while viewing.
    • This is by no means a way to gain a quick game from the store, but it does accumulate over time if you are an actual viewer of the stream.
  • Following:  5 points one-time bonus
    • You gain 5 points for following.
    • One-time bonus that will be removed if the follow is removed.
  • Hosting:  10 points per host, limited to 1 per stream
    • Manual hosting auto-awards you with 10 points every time you do it.
    • Bonus limited to one time per stream.
  • Auto-hosting:  50 points one-time bonus after first auto-host
    • Stream Elements used to be able to determine when an auto-host had been initiated & award the host bonus every time a host had been started through this method, but Twitch has made changes that has since broken this method & points aren't being awarded for auto-hosts anymore...  This isn't really something I can keep track of to manually award without some kind of logs...
    • I would have sooner allowed users to continue getting the 10 point bonus on auto-hosts, but seeing as this auto-award has been broken, I had to come up with another method to be able to continue giving an awarded bonus to those that were doing it.
    • Auto-hosts are determined by being added through the system on Twitch.
    • Once the first host is noticed through Twitch's auto-host system, you will be awarded 50 points.
    • This bonus will be removed if the auto-host is removed.
  • Raids:  8 points per active viewer in a raid
    • I've been wanting to award points for raids for some time, but wasn't sure how to go about it considering Stream Elements doesn't have an option to auto-award points on raids, so I came up with a "per person" method.
    • Originally I felt I was going to have to do a lower amount on raids due to bots & inactive users that just sit in a channel & don't actually contribute to the channel (not even counting as a viewer), I determined that Stream Elements can determine how many of these users are actually active when they get sent to your channel, so I decided to go with a slightly higher rate per person.
    • 8 points per active viewer (active users determined by Stream Elements logs).  Active users are typically those that are actually in the channel (not bots or connected through IRC clients) & haven't dropped to an Away or Invisible status. 
  • Cheering:  1 point per bit cheered
    • You gain 1 point per bit cheered towards the channel (usually during the stream, as soon as I get a chance to do so).
    • Cheers of over 100 bits will immediately award 100 points per 100 bits spent.
      • Any value outside the multiple of 100 bits needs to be added manually, as stated in the first bullet.
  • Tipping:  100 points per $1 tip
    • Tipping through Stream Elements will give you 100 points per 1 American dollar spent towards the channel.
    • Tips can not be anonymous if you want to gain points from it.
    • Tips have to be at least $1, additional cents on the dollar will award additional points, but I'll have to add them manually.
    • Single tips $5 or more will have the tipper highlighted as a VIP Tipper on the channel's list with the highest tip given listed next to their name (unless requested they do not wish to be in that list, but it will still be public on Stream Elements, I have no way to hide this).
  • Subscriptions (Twitch):  1 points per cent
    • While StreamElements states there is no bonus points awarded for subscriptions, I will be manually adding points at the same rate of the subscription price when I get a chance to (this does not include gifted subscriptions).
    • Gifted subscriptions will award the gifter points at the value of the subscription price of that tier.
  • Subscriptions (Patreon):  1 point per 1 cent (100 points per $1) recurring subscription
    • You can chose your monthly recurring subscription rate.
    • You will need to provide your account name if you want to receive points, but can request to remain anonymous
    • Subscriptions over $5 will have access to posts on Patreon regarding game giveaways on various sites.
    • Subscriptions are recurring, this will need to be canceled if you want the subscription to stop, however you will still get the remainder of the month of Free Game updates if you subscribed at $5 or over.
Last updated 12/3/2018
  • Bots are not eligible for points
    • Twitch accounts are usually determined to be bots if they are sitting in my channel for excessive amounts of time while it is offline (I can tell this through my IRC logs, usually connected to my channel & others that I moderate nearly 24/7).
    • This restriction would be different if those bots actually counted as a viewer, but seeing as they don't, I'm not getting any closer to affiliate status from them being in chat, so they aren't going to be gaining any points towards freebies off of my channel when they don't even count as a viewer...
  • Obviously, those who have been banned from the channel are not eligible for points & will have all their existing points removed.
  • Breaking the chat rules will gain you a timeout & wipe your points at the end of the stream.  Typically the only people to break chat rules are new viewers that don't even read the rules before speaking, so this shouldn't be a huge concern for anybody that has been around in the channel for a while, this usually only effects those that enter the channel looking for personal gain.
    • Breaking the chat rules does not necessary mean you are blocked from the point system (only means you have to start over in gaining points), but could warrant a ban if serious enough (meaning you're banned from gaining points as well).
    • Getting hit by a filter that gives you an auto-timeout doesn't necessarily count as breaking chat rules, I can still see what you said through my IRC client, I will determine whether what was said was actually breaking the rules or not once I have a chance to look at any comment that may have been censored.  If you are a regular on the channel, I can add your name to the channel regulars list to help mitigate accidentally triggering the chat filters.
    • In the event that somebody who has cheered, tipped or subscribed to the channel does break one of the rules & gets timed out over it (provided it's not severe enough to be a ban), your points will never drop below points gained from these bonuses minus points spent in the store.  These values are tracked & you will only drop to this value if you break the rules, however you may lose any other points that were not gained through these 3 methods.
      • Timeout status will be tracked, so follow & auto-host bonuses can not be re-applied to those balances.
  • Abuse of bonuses will have your ability to gain points removed & your existing points wiped.
    • This "abuse" specifies manipulation of limited bonuses, such as attempting to get points for the follower or manual hosts more times than you should.
      • This point in particular is why points can only be spent while a stream is running, it gives me time to mitigate any attempted bonus point abuse before starting a stream.
Last updated 11/28/2018
Special notes regarding name changes:
  • Points are stored on existing names.
  • Names do not change on Stream Elements when a name is changed on Twitch.
  • If you are fairly regular in the channel, I may add your name to the regulars list, this will lower the chance that auto-filters will auto-timeout you (10 seconds) & wipe your comments in chat (filters regarding discrimination or aggressive harassment won't however, this filter even hits moderators & is permanent unless I cancel the timeout).
  • Changing your name on Twitch does not update your name on Stream Elements.  This will not only nullify you being on the regular list, but also leave your points on the old name.  Let me know if you've changed your name, I can transfer over the points to your new name & re-add you to the regular list (if you were on it already) once I've verified the name change.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Mass-assault at large

The organized attacks from iBreezyy's channel has hit a new high (as my IRC logs are catching fairly quickly, even when I don't have a stream running) & I've decided I need to get the police involved again.  I've already filed a few reports against his channel to Twitch over the last few days (which did result in a temp ban for maybe 8-12 hours), but these reports only go so far (if anywhere at all).  With the amount of fodder (meaning Twitch users that are allowing iBreezyy to manipulate them into doing his dirty work for him) he has thrown at me in only the last 22 hours, it's become obvious this isn't something I can attempt to ignore & go on with my life while it's still happening, I need to give the police the additional information I managed to find online so they can speak with him about this vendetta of his face to face & what's going to happen if he chooses to continue pursuing it.

Attempting to put a stop to this may limit my ability to stream in worst case scenarios (if you see a ban on my channel, you will know he's succeeded, but I don't expect a bunch of false reports is going to get him anywhere, it hasn't in the past, regardless of how many pawns he's managed to get in on it), however the most likely outcome is I'll have to turn follower-only chat back on with an excessive minimum for new users to be able to speak (I don't want to make people feel obligated to have to follow to speak, but if this is what I have to do to mitigate these extended attacks that have been happening for 7.5 months already, I will do it; the channel had a 24-hour minimum for 2.5 months after the follow-up attack on 3/19/2018).

I am going to request that people do not file reports against him on my behalf, I am fully capable of fighting my own battles, I can deal with this myself (it wouldn't be the first time I've dealt with somebody like this, it won't be the last).  I will however request that if he or one of his goons does happen to approach you directly & slander my character, that you do report him through his channel (or through the channel of anybody who contacted you to do it), this is one area where you can help in putting a stop to this (it will be helpful if you have a screenshot to provide in the report, Google Drive is a decent means to share just about anything you would want to share giving you 15 GBs for free, provided it don't break copyright laws).

The full details regarding this matter (starting with the original griefing situation in Fortnite on 2/19/2018) can be found at

If you run into a ban message on, you could be in a wildcard IP range that has been banned for multiple hacking attempts from multiple IP addresses in that range; this can be adjusted once I've determined you aren't using an IP address that a hacking attempt has been attempted from, but adjustments may not work too well with dynamic IP addresses (you can check what type of IP address you have here).

UPDATE:  Currently I am attempting to compile an IRC evidence index before I file another report with the police, this is going to take some time to compile with nearly-daily logs starting around the time of the follow-up attack on 3/19/2018.  Getting this log completed is a priority, so streams will be limited until it's completed & I have been able to file the follow-up police report against iBreezyy.  This index will show every time anybody associated with iBreezyy entered my channel according to my IRC logs.  There may still be streams in between, this will give me a chance to test whether there are going to be disconnects to further prove possibility of DDoS attacks, however most of my time will be getting put into compiling this index until it is completed, I need to get the police report filed as quickly as possible, I've already notified Twitch that they may be subpoenaed for information on other individuals that have been taking part in these attacks on iBreezyy's behalf.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Let's discuss self-promotion

Self-promotion is a means where a user joins a channel & attempts to get them to come to their own through advertisements, sometimes using bonuses for new visitors or followers (sometimes bogus, sometimes real).  While this may be a real problem on various sites such as Twitch or YouTube, you have to look at how much can be said before it actually hits the point of self-promotion.

I for one have no problem pointing out certain details about their channels, provided they aren't outright attempting to get my viewers to go to theirs.  To give a few examples, a few channels that I used to go regularly to (regularly enough that I had follows & auto-hosts on them) or even was new to made these accusations, the irony about it was that the auto-hosts (or manual hosts, if I chose to do so) was basically promoting their channels through my own when whatever was said that they felt they had enough detail (however minor that detail may have been) to call me on what they believed to be self-promotion.

To give a few examples:
  • I pointed out that I had some videos of people griefing in games, for use in reports against them or just to get the word out on who they were with video proof of the situation.
  • I made it a point to say I would leave the host on their channel going on my own until I got my own stream up (the irony in this one is they already know they are being hosted & it's in the same sentence where they are already getting promoted on my channel; despite it being in the same sentence, they call you on self-promoting).
  • The channel is getting trolled, the streamer is detailing the rules of their channel & I back up their statements stating the rules on my channel are the same (or at least similar), apparently enough for them to warn you that you're self-promoting where the purpose was backing them up...

I don't know about you, but saying something minimal about your own channel shouldn't be considered as self-promotion & it only makes me wonder how much they run into problems with others self-promoting on their channels to make that much of a hair-trigger conclusion that you're only in their channel for no good (even if it's a channel I've been to many times before).  It's these types of allegations that have had me end a host I had put on their channel prior or remove an auto-host I may have had on them for some time.  Streamers may be able to run their channels as they see fit, but is it worth the negative publicity & loss of potential income if they make the wrong decision?  This is something streamers need to ask themselves before they allow a hair-trigger shotgun misfire on actual viewers that made no mistake other than attempting to speak in chat on those channels to begin with.

My channel bans owners (and sometimes moderators) of those channels when they decide to make such faulty decisions (sometimes with an article being written to my personal site), sometimes including followers of those channels if they are coming to my channel to harass me while I'm streaming (these are extreme situations, I've done this with 2 streamers & their followers coming to my channel in the past); while that might not mean much to larger channels, those that don't have the option to receive donations over Twitch itself (or have a decent income to purchase new games themselves), it does cut them out from being able to accumulate points that can be used to purchase new games with those points (not having to spend actual money or getting them a discount if they want to cover the rest of the points in tips), so those who actually see this (particularly those with smaller channels; I'm sure larger channels don't need this benefit with the income they may be gaining from Twitch simply for streaming, so it won't matter if they get banned or not) need to consider the consequences of their hair-trigger actions, start thinking it out & looking at the full picture.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Illness & YouTube attacks

Seems I may have caught something, this is draining my energy to be able to continue streaming.  I will still stream when I can, but there's no guarantee I'll be doing it as often as I have been if I don't even have the energy to get out of bed...  It appears I may be missing some Fortnite dailies because of this also, this is perhaps the one thing that keeps me running the game every 1 to 3 days, but I can't let my health go to shit because I don't want to have a cutoff on gaining new dailies, I'll just have to take my losses...

Aside from that, I'm currently having an issue on YouTube (again).  Seems somebody actually succeeded in hitting the channel with a false report that YouTube accepted, the result is I have a 3 month strike against it, which lead to this review (5th one on YouTube already, none of them positive) being written in response to it.  New videos & comment moderation has been put on hold on my YouTube channel until the strike period is over; that means if the appeal isn't accepted, the YouTube channel will be getting no further videos or user comments going public (unless a user is on the whitelist) until at least 11/21/2018...  The video that was removed was re-uploaded to the same domain the review was written on regardless & I was able to pull the description from the linked video on my Steam account, so it's still accessible through my personal site, however it's expected there may be more strikes getting piled on top of this one (this video was back from 2014 when I still played Destiny, I expect whoever is responsible will find more videos to complain about; we already know that iBreezyy is organizing attacks against my channels through his & it's expected his actions are to blame for what I received today, these details were including in the appeal when filed with YouTube, including the information regarding the police report, something that has already been reported to Twitch, but I didn't have the ability to file against him on YouTube until now).

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

StreamElements added to channel

I have now added StreamElements to my channel, primarily as a bot for moderation against those who keep breaking the rules in chat, however I have left a few of the statistical commands functional.  Currently I don't have a system for use of the points, perhaps in the future I might use them for game key giveaways (still have a number of them sitting in a TXT file for Steam, as well as a couple on Uplay).

For those who have proven they can be decent in the channel, I've added them to a list to make it so auto-moderation won't be as strict on them, however abusive language or discrimination will hit even moderators (if I ever add any beyond StreamElements), that restriction will not be removed even from subscribers (via Patreon).

I haven't set up a tip option yet, however I will probably do this as soon as I get a chance; currently the only method to donate is on Patreon & this is recurring (meaning it's a monthly donation until you cancel).

EDIT:  I've decided to set up a shop where people who have enough points on my channel can redeem them towards perks, currently this is in the form of activation keys I have had sitting around for a while (a few of them may have expired, let me know if you run into problems after activating them).  The easiest way to gain points is to donate, donations will award points equal to 100 points per dollar donated; subscribing at the minimum on Patreon to gain access to the giveaway list (giveaways I've dug up on the web that you can grab yourself), you'd be getting 500 points per month (in addition to viewer, follower & hosting points).  Note that the activation keys have a cooldown of a week, so if you're going to get one, make sure you get the one of most interest first; the cooldown is to make sure that everybody gets a chance to get a key & it's not limited to just one person with a ton of points.  I have issued points to a number of people on my long-time friend/viewer lists, as well as those who have been hosting/auto-hosting my channel.

Friday, June 22, 2018

June 22, 2018 DDoS attack

Once again this channel has become the victim of DDoS attacks by iBreezyy, I decided seeing as this is apparently going to be a regular situation, I wouldn't be ending the stream when getting hit with them anymore, I would let them continue to gather statistics from the attacks & allow a build of videos to be uploaded to YouTube every time they affected the stream (they may kill the streams or making them unviewable, but the severity is not enough to disconnect me from online games, only cause some lag), every stream & video ends up being used as evidence regarding the attacks & linked to the regularly updated article regarding the attacks started back in February when I first had the misfortune of getting griefed by this individual in Fortnite (it's continued since then after the video of that griefing was published online).  There was at least 13 disconnects from Twitch servers during this attack (I can't say for certain because I lost track, could have been over 15).

I contacted my ISP tonight while the stream was still running, attempting to trace the source of the attacks so an internet crimes report could be filed against him, through subpoena against Twitch if necessary (this seems to be the only time that Twitch actually listens to reports I file against users, when they realize I have gotten the law involved).  I was disconnected from the representative several times during the call, due to the fact that it's a VOIP phone line, so the DDoS attacks on the modem was also disconnecting the phone.  I pointed out the drops in connection only happen when I'm doing a Twitch stream, which gives good motive of being iBreezyy doing it to interrupt my streams, a legal adviser I spoke to about this agreed with me, but stated I still needed more evidence to have a subpoena issued for his arrest, this is why I left the stream going when I contacted my ISP, so they could get the IP address of where the attacks were coming from.  After rebooting my modem & having to call back to get a second representative (the first one stopped attempting to call back after all the disconnects), they stated they are sending a technician in the morning, this may result in a new modem, meaning a new IP address well.  He also stated there would be about a $30 credit issued towards my bill due to the connection problems.

The next call I make will be to my local police, along with a complaint to, where the next complaint to Twitch will include a case number, officer's name & district of police, as it did back when I was getting death threats from PSN user EPICMINECRAFT25 (he disappeared between a week or 2 after that, a subpoena was issued for his personal information after that report was filed; I can't say for certain where it went, I suggested the subpoena be filed against PSN, it may have been filed against Twitch due to the fact this is where the death threats were being made).  Once the law is involved, iBreezyy will be guaranteed to have his Twitch acocunt perma-banned, however he should be more concerned about jail time when it gets to that point; he many be laughing at the idea that he could spend time in jail for it, but I know it to be a fact, a 16 year old was sentenced to 2 years after doing the same thing.

It was determined that due to the fact I had the wrong audio device selected when I started this stream (resulting in no game audio in the stream or recorded videos), I would not be uploading the videos showing results of what happened during the DDoS attack, this will be different when the streams are properly getting audio however.

As has been stated before, full details on the vendetta from iBreezyy can be found here.

UPDATE:  Xfinity Technician came by, determined there was no problem with the lines, showing him the video stuttering in the Past Broadcasts on Twitch (the 5 orphaned videos after the first disconnect) was enough to warrant getting a new modem without question (probably would have had issues proving that otherwise, as the connection was good this many hours after the DDoS attack, it wouldn't be bad until I attempted to stream again).  He gave me his supervisors number in case I have further issues with this problem even after the modem replacement, he thinks it could be a matter on the neighborhood node or the main hub if not the modem; I'm pretty certain it's just iBreezyy getting somebody to DDoS the modem because he's pestered a hornets nest (harassed my channel for over 4 months in retaliation to the video of him griefing on 2/19/2018) & he don't like the results of his actions, so he's resorting to illegal actions to continue his vendetta with a facade on his own channel & through false reports (by himself & others he has doing it for him) he thinks is going to work in his favor.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Broken PS3 Twitch app (part 2)

Considering contacting Twitch over their Facebook page & through their email support STILL has no effect on the functionality of the PlayStation 3 Twitch app, I've decided it was time to try contacting PlayStation to see if they could do something to have Twitch fix their app, otherwise it needs to be removed from the PSN store if the only thing it does successfully is wastes space on the your PS3...  Of course PlayStation was either late on the reply or doesn't intend on replying (there's still the thread I created on the Support Forums, I'll be either sending them an email or calling them in the next week if no response is given), giving enough time for some trolls to start having their way with the comment regarding the broken app (completely ignoring the second point, being that it should be removed from the PSN store if it's not going to be fixed).  The trolling replies to this post pushed the priority that I get the second video recorded & published (showing that the app no longer is capable of even streaming a channel, even after sitting there loading for over 5 minutes), this video can be found at (as well as embedded below), which has also been added to a playlist that now had 2 videos in it showing how this app is broken.