History as a gamer

I have been a gamer since an early age when my parents bought the family an Odyssey². From there I went to Atari, then to Nintendo, then to PlayStation & eventually to PC after doing some volunteer work at LAN centers as a Computer Technician (the payment being free use of their computers & the games on them). I have had all of the following systems (and still do have most of them) in my lifetime:
Console Systems:
  • Odyssey² 
  • Atari 2600 
  • Atari 7800 
  • Nintendo 
  • Super Nintendo 
  • Gamecube 
  • PlayStation 
  • PlayStation 2 *x2* 
  • PlayStation 3 
  • XBOX
  • Wii
    Handheld Systems:
    • GameBoy x3
    • GameBoy Color
    • GameBoy Advance x2
    As you can see from my GameSpot profile, I have quite an extensive collection of games.
    NOTE: Still working on filling this back in after the site overhaul that screwed up my list.

    After doing some volunteer work as a Computer Technician at a couple of LAN centers (which gave me free use of their computers & all games installed on them), I am primarily a PC gamer now. That's not to say I don't still play console games, but the majority of my gaming is on the PC now.

    I am currently looking for a way to broadcast my console games as my current video capture device does not work with my current OS.

    UPDATE: I have found a way to broadcast through systems using HDMI output for video/audio & have pretty well duplicated what was done in this video with the exception of some HDMI splitters between the system, PC & TV, as well as I'm remote accessing my gaming PC (the one attached to the video capture device) through my laptop via TeamViewer due to my laptop running like crap while broadcasting with that device. Older systems that do not use HDMI normally will end have having scewed video stretched to widescreen ratios due to the AV2HDMI converter I'm using to be able to run it through the HDMI cable (rather than purchasing & running another 75-foot cable) discarding the original 4:3 aspect ratio (until I can find a better alternative).

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