Wednesday, December 26, 2018

DDoS problems again, streams & online gaming on hold...

Getting hit with the whole DDoS bullshit again, expected to be retaliation from Twitch user iBreezyy after his channel got another report against it for racist & aimbot discussions over his VOIP during his Christmas stream.  I am currently on the phone with my ISP looking to see if we just need to replace the modem again, I will be following up with a police report & giving them his address so they can search his computer for evidence of being behind it if the issue doesn't get resolved tonight.

UPDATE: Contacted my ISP, they explained the situation to them, they reset my modem to factory default. Even after resetting everything on the modem to factory, packets were still continuing to drop in the ping test I had been running since the latency issues when I first attempted to stream Fortnite on 12/26/2018. After a while, the connection finally stabilized as I continued to watch the ping test, but I knew that if I attempted to stream again, I would start getting hit by it again. Shortly after that, I noticed iBreezyy started a stream, expecting he was going to continue the DDoS attacks until he felt I wasn't going to stream anymore, then decided to start his own stream.

After the modem's connection finally stabilized, I put the modem back into bridge mode again, I lost access to the modem's interface after that & spent the next few hours calling Xfinity over & over again attempting to get a fix; I just got disconnected from my 4th call with them & this representative apparently isn't educated in how a modem functions when put into bridge mode & doesn't realize that a router is a key element in receiving internet from the modem. I have explained over & over that I don't have the option to use the modem when it is not in bridge mode when using my web development software, the reason being is that it's reporting to the servers an incorrect IP address (a LAN IP rather than a WAN IP) & the servers my site is hosted on is rejecting the connection when it gets that the connection is coming from a standard LAN IP as opposed to my actual IP address over the internet.

I'm about to give up on them fixing it & just call them when I need it taken out of bridge mode, it's apparent they can't get the modem back to a working order as it was before the factory default, I'll spend all night on the phone with them if I just keep calling until they decide to send a technician; I'll just leave it as is & call them when I need it taken out of bridge mode (which will be never if their modem can't report the correct IP address when attempting to update my personal site)...

I'm going to give streaming another shot tonight to see if the statement of contacting the police again is what caused the attacks to stop, as it's expected they will start again when I attempt to stream again (unless the threat of filing another report is what got them to stop), that's when I'll file the report & bring up the case number from the last report, including the address of where iBreezyy lives so they can go speak to him at his home & search for evidence on his computer.

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