Thursday, August 23, 2018

Illness & YouTube attacks

Seems I may have caught something, this is draining my energy to be able to continue streaming.  I will still stream when I can, but there's no guarantee I'll be doing it as often as I have been if I don't even have the energy to get out of bed...  It appears I may be missing some Fortnite dailies because of this also, this is perhaps the one thing that keeps me running the game every 1 to 3 days, but I can't let my health go to shit because I don't want to have a cutoff on gaining new dailies, I'll just have to take my losses...

Aside from that, I'm currently having an issue on YouTube (again).  Seems somebody actually succeeded in hitting the channel with a false report that YouTube accepted, the result is I have a 3 month strike against it, which lead to this review (5th one on YouTube already, none of them positive) being written in response to it.  New videos & comment moderation has been put on hold on my YouTube channel until the strike period is over; that means if the appeal isn't accepted, the YouTube channel will be getting no further videos or user comments going public (unless a user is on the whitelist) until at least 11/21/2018...  The video that was removed was re-uploaded to the same domain the review was written on regardless & I was able to pull the description from the linked video on my Steam account, so it's still accessible through my personal site, however it's expected there may be more strikes getting piled on top of this one (this video was back from 2014 when I still played Destiny, I expect whoever is responsible will find more videos to complain about; we already know that iBreezyy is organizing attacks against my channels through his & it's expected his actions are to blame for what I received today, these details were including in the appeal when filed with YouTube, including the information regarding the police report, something that has already been reported to Twitch, but I didn't have the ability to file against him on YouTube until now).

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