Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Video ratings now a factor on visible comments

As of today, I am putting a new policy in place on what comments will be considered for publication after they are made on videos on my channel.  This change in policy come from the following factors:

  • Continuing harassment over 3 months.
  • Most comments left being abusive anyways.
  • Any comments being accepted sparking more negative attention & retaliation.
  • People following the channel only for the purpose of downvoting videos as soon as they are published (without even viewing them).
  • Nearly ALL recent videos getting downvoted in a short time (one exception to this appears to be self-flagged age-restrictive videos getting hit less, which indicates these are mostly kids with nothing better to do with their time than being a problem & causing issues for others).
  • A mis-information video being published on another channel (which I expect I will be publishing a review against if the report against it goes ignored by YouTube).

It may have been noticed that the public can not see ratings on videos on my channel other than their own vote, this was done intentionally because of expected harassment in retaliation to videos calling out others (or being used as evidence in violation reports) when running into griefers.  While the public can't see the calculative ratings, I can.  The abuse of the rating system doesn't hurt the channel because they aren't public, but after years of this type of abuse & extensive harassment that neither Steam, Twitch or YouTube management will do anything about it (without legal action taken), those ratings are now going to play a part on whether comments will go public or not (ultimately coming down to the only comments that will be going public will be by whitelisted individuals on the channel, everything else will just time out because they were never processed through moderation).

UPDATE:  Taking this a step further, comments have been disabled on the majority of videos with a less than a 50% positive rating.  Normally this won't affect existing comments, but in rare cases (particularly on videos published since the mass targeted harassment started from Steam & the Warframe community), comments may be hidden if the majority of what was received was abusive (whether they are still there should comments be re-enabled on the video at a later date is unknown).

Of course the hiding comments on videos plays a part in disallowing those that have been called out to clear up any possible miscommunication of their actions.  In most cases the normal response is to retaliate against the video through abusive comments, however there have been rare cases where they may apologize for their actions & I'm willing to work with them in changing the visibility of the video (or at least the listing of it).

The most recent of these situations being with a Warframe player (of who shall remain unnamed) who replied to the video apologizing for killing of a Simaris target when the video went public & used in a report against them; the video was set to unlisted, removed from the Warframe Wall of Shame playlist & I gave additional information so they could educate themselves on what the scanning of Simaris targets was (referring them to the official wiki).  There has also been the rare apology or clear up of comments over both Destiny & Dragonball Xenoverse (both of which I don't play anymore).

Given there are now people that are following the channel for the sole purpose of immediately downvoting a video as soon as it's published, their actions will result in comments getting disabled fairly quickly & if the individual in question does attempt to reach out to clear up their actions with an apology, this venue of contact will be cut off by those that are abusing the comment & rating systems on YouTube (that means the video stays up permanently, even if the player attempts to make civil contact).

Ironically, some of the people mentioned in videos later became whitelisted on the channel after a civil response (once again, not going to mention names), which is going to restrict possibility of new individuals being whitelisted on the channel (which bypasses comment moderation before being published, however comments can still be addressed if out of line later) when the option to leave a comment is revoked through the actions of hostile abusers, the exception being that people I already know ahead of time may still get whitelisted directly without having to leave a comment.


  1. hello, I think I may have been accidentally banned on your discord server, how do I get verified?

    1. The ban was intentional, not accidental. 2 accounts joined during a time of high alert due to targeted harassment, both using the same avatar, the first account making it clear based on profile information why they were there (using many of the terms repeated many times over the Steam thread where this harassment started). The ban will stay in place for the time being, along with any additional accounts joining with similar profile information also being banned.


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