Saturday, March 24, 2018

Another attack attempt, but foiled

On 3/24/2018, the same individuals (possibly with more in tow) attempted to attack my channel once again, however enabling Follower-only chat (if only for 10 minutes) gave me enough time to stop it before it happened.  I personally don't like using this feature as I don't want people to feel obligated to have to follow to chat (however I do expect they verify their email address, as many accounts that don't are troll accounts), however it was proven in this attempt to have a positive effect on stopping the 2nd attack on my channel from this group, as when I noticed the gathering of individuals that had joined my channel (5 according to the dashboard), I checked my viewer list via IRC & noticed a few names in that list that had already been banned in the previous attack (including none other than iBreezyy, the one that started out by griefing a mission I was in simply because I didn't give him a weapon (only finding out after 2 name changes on his Epic Games account that he happened to be a follower/subscriber of Ring_of_Favor, somebody I had an issue with last year, more details can be found here).

Twitch users joining channel to attack (screenshot from IRC logs), stalled by Follow-only chat being enabled:
Gray areas indicate censoring, the one friend I had join during the stream & around the same time these individuals were about to attack my channel, they left about the time I started discussing the matter over Discord with him.

My email notifications from Twitch would indicate that a few of these accounts did follow in expectation they were going to wait out the 10-minute wait time in order to be able to attack the channel once the time had elapsed:
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While I do have logs for when they followed through Twitch email follower notifications, I don't have logs on when they unfollowed (thybreeze later refollowed, no new notification was sent, likely due to being in the same day), so I can't be certain what was said during the stream to cause them to back off, however I discussed with this friend over Discord that when I saw the attack coming, I increased the minimum to 1 day.  Other things that were stated included the fact that I was considering banning every single account that joined when this group joined (something I'm still not certain I want to do as it's not certain every one was a part of the group, however I would expect otherwise), also bringing up the fact that the last attack resulted in 5 reports to Twitch & 3 to Epic Games, which could have resulted in a ban on iBreezyy's Fortnite license (not that I would expect Epic Games to do anything on offsite activity, I chose to file the complaints regardless to see if anything would come of it).

The Follower-only chat now has a minimum of a half-hour (increased from 10 minutes from the attack 5 days ago), it will continue to increase as I see this continue to happen.  The date that I disable this function also got pushed back an additional 5 days (to 4/24/2018).

UPDATE:  It was later determined that the original purpose of coming to my channel was not to attack verbally in chat (this only happened the first time on 3/19/2018 as it seems they saw an opportunity to do it without witnesses, not realizing I would Highlight that stream & upload the local recording on my computer to YouTube), but rather to abuse the report function, which I became aware of due to approximately 17 minutes of discussion at the end of one of his streams, which I re-recorded as evidence & used in a couple reports against him, the 2nd report being successful when I used his statement of being "a child" to report his account for being an underage user without adult supervision (being a violation under Twitch's Terms of Service).

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