Twitch hosting

Currently I have the following channels set up to auto-host on this channel (while running & not streaming myself):
I originally had this set up to host at random, but noticed some of those channels were having videos streamed of games from companies that I am currently boycotting, so I changed the order to priority-based. I will be updating the list of channels based on games that are being streamed.

In some cases I may be watching a random Twitch stream, in which case I may host that channel on my own.  (Random page has been discontinued/broken by Twitch webmasters)

As for those who wish to host my channel, I have no problem with it & appreciate the extra viewers. To host any channel on Twitch, go to your own channel, then type "/host username" in your chat, where username is the username of the Twitch user you wish to host their channel. You can set up auto-hosting on the Channels and Videos tab of your account options (this options has recently been moved to your dashboard, but seeing as the URL includes your username, I can no longer provide a direct link to those options; you can still find a link to locating it yourself on the Channels and Videos page of your options, auto-host list is now located at

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